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Anne AtkinsAbout the Tarot Enhancement Workshop:
A step up from Tarot and Tea, the Tarot Enhancement Workshop will be centred on learning to understand the Tarot and will focus on a different aspect of the Tarot each month. You will be given a short reading, wherein you will be assisted to come to your own conclusions within the framework of the symbology of the Tarot.

You will also be encouraged to provide readings to someone else in the group, as the best way to learn to read the Tarot is to offer readings yourself.

There simply isn’t a more worthwhile way to advance your understanding of the deeper meaning of the Tarot than to get on The Path and do The Work.

There will then be a short break for tea or coffee and biscuits and chat.

Following the break, there will be a discussion period for questions and answers as well as a short but detailed talk on an aspect of the Tarot (subject of lecture to change each month), complete with a handout on the lesson of the month.

What you will need:
Tarot cards (Rider-Waite or variant thereof preferred – you can borrow one of mine and I also have decks available for purchase if you need one) a notepad and pen or pencil and optionally, a camera to take photos of your spreads for later evaluation and reflection.

The Tarot Enhancement evenings are for those who wish not only to have a friendly evening of Tarot, but to learn to read the Tarot through practise and experience.

If you think you might prefer a more relaxing evening with a monthly reading and a friendly chat, please have a look at Tarot & Tea, which as a friendly evening of monthly readings and chat, may be more appropriate to your needs.

If you would like information on some of our more structured Tarot Courses please have a word with Anne regarding our Tarot Intensives on Saturdays or our more in-depth 6 Week Tarot Courses, which are structured separately for both Beginner and Advanced students.

When: Every 4th Tuesday evening.
Time: 7:30pm to 9:30pm.
Fee: All-inclusive £15.
Level: All levels welcome.
More Details: Ring Anne on 01622 -205983 or write via email:
Location: TBA
Booking: Please contact me on 01622-205983 or contact me via email
Please Note: Space is limited, so do ring or email and let us know you’re coming or we may be out of room when you arrive.

You can be an excellent tarot reader. The gift lies within each of us, just waiting to be discovered.

Peace and Light!
Anne Atkins

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